Let it slip out the back door quietly, or let it smash the windows loudly.

Tell it you hope it comes back soon. Tell it you’re grateful, remind it of the beauty it conveys and the growth it’s founded on.


Cry on the floor and sob to your mother until you simply have no more moments left to mourn.

Become a mess, become the type of mess in which you find how to perfectly clean yourself up.

When love leaves, remind yourself of how you survived before it ever came in the first place. Remind yourself that strength is not found in the moments we are alone, it is found in the moments we know we can be alone after completely forgetting how to.

Do not dwell. Do not shame yourself, do not think you should have done something differently.

Do not take words too personally, and do not let affection define your capability of surviving present day.

Feel like the boss of your own life, learn to give yourself the guidance you need in order to never stop moving. When it leaves touch your own hands with the intent he once did, and gently trace your cheeks with the sole purpose of healing the drowning and suffocation they feel.

When love leaves, breathe. Focus on your breath, and find the importance in it.

Find the inner faith inside of your bones that ache to become hope. Let it go and know that you know nothing, and because you know nothing, there is no telling if love will come back, or if you will.

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