She’s too smart to deal with mixed signals and menthat go MIA.

Her schedule is packed. She has a million things she needs to get done. She doesn’t have the time to decipher every text he sends and to map out a plan to impress him.

Love isn’t her mainpriority. She puts first.

So if a guy is going to get in the way of her work or her classes or even her sleeping pattern, she doesn’t want to bother with him. Shewould rather have things stay the same.

Because, honestly, her life isn’t that bad. She’s fine on her own. She knows how to sew a button and boil water. She’s learned to become comfortable eating dinner and watching movies by herself. She doesn’t need a man to complete her.

She blames her singleness on her high standards. And even though everyone acts like those standards area good thing, sometimes she isn’t so sure. Sometimes, she thinks that they’reactually a curse.

After all, she sees red flags right away. She can tell when a guy is only looking for sex or when he’s trying to string her along. She notices everything — which is why she turns down everyone.

She listens to her head over her heart, so even when she finds someonethat makes her body tingle, her brain takes control. It convincesher that she’s being illogical. Childish. That she should ignore her impulses and do the intelligent thing.

She calls herself a realist, but she’s secretly a pessimist. She doesn’t see the point in getting to know someone that will eventually hurt her.

When aguy gives her butterflies,she tells herself that it won’t stay that way forever. That he’s just playing a part to get in her pants and isn’t as nice as he seems.

She’s decided that the smartest move is to stay single. To avoid the risks oflove.

Those are the lies she tells herself.

She’s single, because she knows the damage humans can do. Because she has seen her friends’ relationships eruptinto flames and helped them deal with the wreckage.

She’s single, because she has seen the stupid things people do in the name of love and has sworn to herself that she’ll never be that foolish. That she’ll never let a boy mess with her mind.

But mostly, she’s single, because she hasn’t found the right person yet. She has a big heart and an even bigger brain, so when she finds her forever person, she’ll know.

And when that happens, she’ll finally let herself feel. She’ll let herself love.

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