Trend has a fresh squad, plus it doesn’t have anything to do with Taylor Swift.

This new gang is his latest autumn 2016 effort, thanks to New York designer Marc Jacobs and about the dark side. Call them the Goth Squad.

KENDALL, Supermodel I’ll always recall the very first time that I met with Kendall during casts for our Autumn 2014 fashion show. Katie Grand encouraged her to come by the studio for a short intro before she was photographed for the model boards. At the time, I understood very little about Kendall her initial fashion show was for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 As history has it. Kendall has since been part of every show along with being featured in our Springtime 15 ad campaign (also shot by David Sims). It simply goes without saying that Kendall has gone on to build an amazing livelihood for herself and every bit of it’s a testament to her hard work, passion and want. During casts for Fall 16, because of the tremendous height of the boots we designed, we needed to ensure that every girl managed to walk (and walk safely). Those boots slid on and walked across the studio like she was in a pair of running shoes: assured, statuesque and just as passionate and excited to be doing the show like it was her first one. For me, it’s the skill of a model to transform into character and an appearance which makes her so attractive and inspiring. Photographed David Sims for our Fall 16 advertisement as a Goth Goddess is Kendall Jenner, the pleasant, kind and greatest professional.

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Over the course of the last few weeks, the designer’s been unveiling the most recent pictures for autumn including pictures of Missy Elliott, St. Vincent, Courtney Love, Cara Delevingne and Marilyn Manson.

Each is decked out in dark make-up, menacing villainous and poses backdrops. David Sims photographed the complete shoot a stylist known for her talent of the outre, with Katie Grand styling.

CARA, Womanchild Every once in a blue moon I’m lucky enough to match with a model using a character so enormous it almost overshadows even the most powerful of seems the most spectacular way. When Cara and I met through Katie Grand a couple of years past, she was the girl in the creature onesie with boundless energy, great comedy and in perpetual motion. Development and observing Caras development into a dynamic, open, independent girl is a real delight, just as she’s herself. Her generosity and caution in needing to get a job done right (even if it means missing a flight!) Is a nature that is testament to her professionalism and authentic. Photographed as consistently, the unstoppable Cara Delevingne by David Sims for our Fall 16 ad campaign, sitting still and just as full of life.

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One of the most unrecognizable of them all is Kendall Jenner, who Jacobs calls his “supermodel.”

The 19-year old is amazing even if she is dressed like a banshee, her hair wild and untamed. She is browless, has dark eye makeup and gazes away to the side.

Jacobs went on to retell a narrative about how he knew “very little” about her in 2014, though she finally became his muse, walking in every show since autumn 2014. And season after season the model has shown her “hard work, passion and want.”

Beauty, Brains and MANSON Paradoxically, I met with Marilyn Manson on Halloween in Los Angeles soon following the launch of his album, Antichrist Superstar in 1996. It was after meeting with him that I began listening to his music- in large part because his character and inquisitive intrigued me about his incredible and perverse mind. The Beautiful People and its associated music video with all its magnificent grotesqueries is what sweet dreams AREN’T made of The very strong and frenetic pace of the video together with the attenuated and elongated Manson pulled, disfigured and contorted by way of surgical apparatus, dental equipment and other contraptions is completely nightmare causing and an outrageously captivating attraction of repulsion. For our Autumn 2011 fashion show, there clearly was no better tune to send the girls marching down our boudoir comme insane asylum runway than, The Beautiful People. It was the totally distorted company for this group which played at a volume that almost shook down the walls. In direct contrast to the external gruesome attractiveness of Mansons stage character is his instinctive, congenital comprehension and wisdom of what issues. Nowadays more so than I’m reminded of Bowling for Columbine Mansons interview in the documentary film and his answer to a question inquiring what he’d say to Columbine community and the children in the aftermath of the disaster that happened in 1999. His answer was, I wouldnt say just one word to them. I’d listen to what they need to say, and thats what no one did. Occasionally knowing when to listen is more significant than being heard, than his music had formerly, and in one term Manson made a stronger impression on me. Marilyn Manson photographed by David Sims for our Autumn 2016 ad campaign.

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“For me, it’s the skill of a model to effortlessly transform into an appearance and character which makes her so attractive and inspiring,” he said.

Jacobs flattering words come after a recent controversy fueled by ex-supermodel Stephanie Seymour supposedly calling Jenner and Gigi Hadid “bitches of the second.”

MISSY, Supa Dupa Fly From the minute I heard, The Rain, back in 1997, I was entranced by fantastic rhymes of Missy Elliott and the master beats. Missys music has kept me and innumerable weekdays energized through, weekends and weeknights during those long hours of sketching, doing appearances, styling and fitting. Along with the boundless energy of her music are extremely animation and the pulsating -like music videos she made in collaboration together with the gifted and airy, Hype Williams. I’m in ongoing amazement of Missys skill to push at the limits of the kind of music to the ear and to the eye. It ended up being a dream of mine and I am happy to discuss this portrait by David Sims for our Autumn ’16 effort.

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Jenner after clapped back on social media with a few pick words.

I ensure you that she did not envision someone so openly shaming her daughter when she made those remarks about us being ”b***hes of the second,” she said.

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