A lawsuit battle between Johnny Depp and his former business management company has revealed more about the actor than any interview with Barbra Walters or Oprah Winfrey ever could.

Depp, who originally sued The Management Group for misconduct and claimed they grossly misused his finances, received a countersuit from the management company, who claim that they did all they could to manage Depp’s lifestyle, but that his outrageous spending was to blame.

The suit was filed on Jan. 31, and disclosed some of the actor’s surprising habits.

“Depp lived an ultra-extravagant lifestylethat often knowingly cost Depp in excess of $2 million per month to maintain, which he simplycould not afford,” lawyer Michael Kump wrote on behalf of The Management Group. “Depp, and Depp alone, is fully responsible for any financial turmoil he findshimself in today.”

And what a lifestyle Depp did lead.

The document details the struggles they had to manage the transactions made by the actorincluding $75 million spent on over a dozen residences, $18 million for a yacht, millions spent on collecting jewelry and art, a music label and family living expenses.

But two of the more surprising purchases detailed in the document are Depp’s $30,000 spent on wine per monthand “over $3 million to blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author HunterThompson over Aspen, Colorado.”

Coolwhatever works, Depp, but Trader Joe’s does have pretty affordable wine, fyi.

The Hollywood Reporter dug up the full cross-complaint and you can read it below. Decide for yourself if you think Depp’s wine budget was too little or too much.

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