Love is complicatedtwo people shifting to accommodate for one another, bumping, disagreeing, pushing, fighting, falling.

And I want that kind of love, an imperfect love, with you.

See, I dont want perfect. I never did. I dont want a person who fits with me completely, leaving no room for us to change or grow. I dont want someone whos always going to agree with me, whos never going to challenge what I say or push me to become better. I dont want someone that makes life static and easyI want to bump heads, I want to push each others buttons, I want our life to be flawed but fun, and passionate as hell.

I dont want perfection. Thats not interesting. I want late nights and arguments, long talks and moments where we just lay and look into each others eyes. I want all your hotheadedness and my stubbornness mixed together, our fiery moments and our loud voices learning to adjust and speak our minds with care.

I want all the ways that youre humanyour sins, your inconsistencies, your fears, your failures. I want all of you, the real you, and I want to love you fully.

See, searching for a perfect love has never mattered to me. Its never been about someone who would match this silly list of criteria or be exactly who I always dreamed of. I havent spent my life wishing for a prince or a man to save me. I havent hoped that Id find this ideal man who could have all the answers and never leave me wondering.

I dont want perfect, I just want you.

You, with your brokenness and bad habits. You, with the tendency to raise your voice and your strong, calloused hands. You, with your gentle kisses and dry skin and tiny, one bedroom apartment and big dreams.

I want all that you come withyour baggage and past mistakes, the ways youve been hurt, the long list of fears, and the way youre hesitant now, because of your past love.

I want you and all the ways youll mess up when loving me. The way youll doubt me or question my decisions, how youll be scared to let me in or pull back when I get too close. I want all of that. Because youre human and I know itll only bring us closer. Because I know youll be imperfect, and Ill be imperfect, and somehow well meet in the middle, both fighting our flaws to come together.

I dont want perfect. I dont want easy. I dont want someone whos going to put me as the center of the universe and worship the ground I walk on.

I just want you. You, with the way you laugh too loud and already take up too much space in my heart. You, with your little quirks and the way you get shy when were first around each other. You, and all the things you do that make you imperfect.

Because Ive never been chasing perfection; Ive always been chasing you.

Ive never wanted a perfect love. Perfect love isnt real. Falling for someone isnt like the movies, where you find your person and your hearts tie together effortlessly with a little pink bow. Its not like all of a sudden the sky opens and you and this other human start skipping, hand in hand, towards a beautiful sunset. Its not like you find somebody whose pieces completely fit with yours without any adjusting or bending or twisting.

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