Director Barry Jenkins and the cast and crew of 'Moonlight' didn't have a typical Oscars win for Best Picture.
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The #envelopegate episode that turned the last 10 minutes of this year’s Oscars awards show into absolute chaos also wrecked havoc on the real winners’ acceptance speeches.

The Moonlight producers and directors ended up rushing through their words of thanks amidst a cloud of confusion after it was determined that La La Land had wrongly been announced Best Picture winner.

Now though, after the dust has somewhat settled, the winning film’s director Barry Jenkins has shared what he planned to say in the event his movie received the top honor which, as we know now, it did. And his planned speech was brief yet powerful.

Jenkins intended to speak about his personal connection to the film and the main character, Chiron. He had also hoped to encourage others, adding, “To anyone watching this who sees themselves in us, let this be a symbol, a reflection that leads you to love yourself.”

Instead of saying all this, Jenkins and producer Adele Romanski mostly rushed through some thanks and gratitude and kept freaking out about the unbelievable turn of events. “I’m still not sure this is real,” Romanski said once the La La Land team had left the crowded stage.

Even if Jenkins and the producers didn’t get a chance to recite their more memorable speeches in the moment, it’s certainly a win no one is forgetting anytime soon.

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