1. You are going to know how she feels about you.

If there is one thing a girl who loves too hard lacks its subtly. But theres a charm to how much she loves and the fact shes not afraid of it. Theres a confidence in her because she knows shes different. Being different is her strength but everyone tries to change her. She knows who she is and regardless of how many times she gets hurt it doesn’t change how much she gives others.

2. Even if you dont have much to give, it wont change the way she treats you.

Give her your time and attention (even a little bit) and thatll come back to you ten folds. If theres one thing shes really good at, its the way she treats people. She lives her life treating everyone the way she wants to be treated. Youre never going to feel like youre doing enough but she doesnt demand much and she wont ever ask for anything. She wants you happy and shell do anything to make that happen because the truth is, making you happy makes her happy.

3. Shes never going to stop giving.

Girls who love too hard, lead a life following their heart and ignoring logic. Itll come in the form of grand gestures and doing crazy things when it comes to love. Itll come in not being ashamed of making any first move. Itll come in the form of random compliments, just because she felt like saying it. Youre going to look at her like shes the most peculiar person youve ever met because she is. This is the girl who will anything you ask of her and not think twice about it. She isnt afraid of feeling things and going after who and what she wants at whatever the cost may be.

4. Shes not afraid of getting hurt.

Dont be afraid of hurting her. The consequences of being one of these types of people come with heartbreak and taking a lot of risks. But she knows getting hurt means shes taking the right types of chances in life. She knows with every chance she takes, she’s one step closer to someone who is right.

5. Shes fearless and it will encourage you to be.

She beats entirely to her own drum. And as much as she values other peoples opinions, she tackles life according to her own agenda. Shes going to push you to do things that scare you. Shes going to motivate you to live life a little bit on the edge. But more than anything, shes going to teach you to follow your heart.

6. Shell heal you.

Most people get hurt and reject love and relationships. The people who love too hard, know the way to healing is through love. If you cross paths with her, shes going to love you with everything shes got. She going to be that girl who enters a room and you just feel something different when she’s around. Her love and compassion for you and everyone will inspire you.

7. Shes going to ruin you.

Girls who love too hard come into your life like a storm. They mess up what you thought love was and redefine it. Then they go and youre left kind of just looking at them leave. For the rest of your life, youre going to think back to this girl who changed you simply through the act of loving a little too hard. Shes going to become this standard no one else can compete with even when they try to.

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