President Barack Obama campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Image: Carolyn Kaster/ap photo

In case you haven’t heard, President Obama really wants you to get out and vote.

He’s spent months encouraging Americans to cast their ballots while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, but to ensure everyone gets the message, he headed to a place he’s sure you’ll hear him… Spotify.

That’s right, Barack Obama reminding you to vote is the newest ad to interrupt your Spotify jam sesh.

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Spotify users are getting notified via a hot political single entitled, “A Reminder To Vote From The President,” in which Obama’s voice can be heard delivering a friendly message.

“Hey, its President Barack Obama. Im here to remind you that election day is Tuesday,” the Commander in Chief says cheerily. “Millions of Americans are voting and you should be one of them. Go to to find voter information. Thanks for being a voter, and enjoy your music.”

Once you head over to, you’ll have easy access to information on the election, along with the option to register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot.

You’ll even be able to listen to Spotify’s official Election Mix to get you pumped while you register:

After youre done, you can head over to Clarify to see videos of some of your favorite artists discussing major issues presented in this election.

Thanks for the reminder, Obama.

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