Ashton and Michael Kutcher

Did you know he was a twin? Well, he is, and his fraternal twin brother, Michael, is kind of amazing. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a kid and underwent a heart transplant at age 13. He now works as a motivational speaker and spokesperson for the advocacy organization Reaching For the Stars.
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Zac and Dylan Efron

He’s not famous, but Zac’s younger brother Dylan still gets to go to award shows and NBA games, so he’s really still winning at life.


James, Dave, and Tom Franco

You probably know James and Dave, but there is also a third Franco brother Tom who is an artist, sculptor, and painter.


Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson

You know Owen and Luke, but they also have an older brother who has starred in some of the same movies as his brothers, including Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Hall Pass.


Jennifer, Blaine, and Ben Lawrence

She credits being a tomboy to having two older brothers, Blaine and Ben, but got all dolled up as a bridesmaid in Blaine’s wedding in April 2014, which was featured in Martha Stewart Real Weddings.


Derek and Julianne Hough

You know they’ve been on Dancing with the Stars together, but they also have three older sisters: Sharee, Marabeth, and Katherine.


Poppy, Cara, and Chloe Delevingne

British models Poppy and Cara have an older sister named Chloe who instead of strutting the runways lives a pretty quiet life in their native England.


Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen

The well-known Mary-Kate and Ashley, who got their start as infants on Full House and became two of the wealthiest women in entertainment, also have a much taller sister, Elizabeth, who is known for her roles in Martha Marcy May Marlene and Very Good Girls. The girls also have an older brother named James, who probably has a lot of friends that want to meet his sisters.

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