With their daring move from the boondocks to Beverly Hills, the Clampetts immediately became a big hit with American families in the TV situation comedy, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Audiences fell in love with Jed, Granny, Elly May, and Jethro, seeing them make their way through hilarious scenarios in every single episode. The breakthrough show rewarded audiences with some southern appeal as well as a great deal of comic relief.

Although the show is well known and adored by several generations, there are a number of facts that not every lover understands.

There were behind the scenes relationship dilemmas, livelihood challenges that are late, and some monetary shockers that occurred within the program’s nine seasons which will certainly surprise the serious audience.

Scroll through these little-known facts below, and in case you believe we missed anything about the rural family that is well-known, why don’t we know in the comments!

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1. Critics Despised The Show


Although crowds adored The Beverly Hillbillies, critics didn’t appear to share the same feelings. The New York Times called it “extended and unfunny.”

The show was criticized frequently for its comedy, but audience couldn’t get enough of it, and that was actually all that mattered anyhow!

2. Filming In The Mansion Was Really Affordable


The inventor of the show, Paul Henning, just paid $500 to picture in the exquisite mansion shown on TV. That ’s a steal.

3. The Show Was Initially Establish In New York


The show wasn’ t assumed to take place in Beverly Hills. When Paul first thought of the idea because of his situation comedy, his head went directly to New York for the planned place. It finally transformed to the Beverly Hills placing we all understand and love.

Imagine the show would have been if they’d followed through with the Big Apple!

4. Buddy Ebsen And Nancy Kulp Never Got Along


There was a bit of a feud going on in Beverly Hills. Nancy, who played Miss Jane Hathaway (Mr. Drysdale’s secretary), never appeared to get along with Buddy, who was the guy behind Jed Clampett. Their behind the scenes arguments were largely encompassed politics, with Buddy and Nancy on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Past the show was carried on by their relationship problems. When Nancy ran for office at 62 years old, Buddy bashed her in a radio interview and allegedly induced her to lose the election, something for which she never forgave him.

5. There Was A Peculiar Age Difference


Celebrity Louis Nye, who played Sonny Drysdale, was really only 8 years younger than celebrity Harriet MacGibbon, who played his mom.

6. Jethros Sister Was Expressed By Paul’s Daughter


It’s no secret that Max Baer Jr. played both Jethro and his twin sister Jethrine. What you might not be aware of is the fact that originator Paul’s daughter, Linda, supplied Jethrine with herfemale voice.

7. Buddy Wouldnt Let His Character Be Gullible And Innocent


Buddy didn’t need Jed to come across as ignorant at all. He requested that Jed be impersonated as “substantially more informed than he looked.” Because of this, Jethro received all of the “slow” lines in the string.

8. The Clampetts Would Be Quite Wealthy Now


The Clampett Family moved to Beverly Hills with $25 million and struck oil. That would be around $195 million, now. What’s even more shocking is that the show was stopped by the rural family with $100 million. That’s over $538 million in now’s cash

9. Max’s Performing Career Was Destroyed


Max had a rough time acting after The Beverly Hillbillies finished for good. He was always typecastdue to his well known portrayal of Jethro. To turn things around, he went behind the camera to producing and directing feature films.

10. They’ve Their Particular Cookbooks


You can nevertheless cook up some old fashioned vittles that will make Granny proud! Creating cookbookswas a clever and useful products move for the show because it enabled enthusiasts to join and create at precisely the same time.

11. There Was Nearly A Hillbillies Casino


Max had plans to start a Beverly Hillbilliesthemed casino, but it never worked out. It was going to be called Jethro’ Casino and s Mansion.

12. The Show Wasnt Cancelled Due To Standings


The software was doing extremely well when executives made a decision to cancel it. The show finished largely due to a saturation of “rural” programsrunning on CBS at the time. It’s pleasant to keep in mind that it finished on a high note even though it was sad to let go of the precious show.

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